Scheduled fluid sampling

Scheduled fluid samplingAs part of Finning, we are able to offer customers access to our state-of-the art fluid sampling laboratory, which is a vital, low cost service that helps prevent unplanned engine downtime and expensive repair costs.

By examining fluid taken from your equipment our expert diagnosticians can analyse the performance of your engine, coolant, fuel system and hydraulics and identify any potential problems early on.

All makes sampling

Fluid sampling is not exclusive to Perkins engines. We can analyse and interpret oil, fuel and coolant samples from all types of equipment – regardless of make or model.

Fluid sampling could not be simpler

Just follow the 3 easy steps;

  • Take a fluid from all machine compartments using one of our kits.
  • Send it to our laboratory for rapid analysis.
  • We'll give you the results either by post or you can view online.
Fluid Sampling

Fluid Sampling

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